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The Reason for a Tea Party “taxation without representation is tyranny”


The spending that is taking place is affecting all of us whether you are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican. The current spending is insurmountable in its scope. The interest payments to service the existing debt are rising exponentially. So what’s a Trillion dollars here and a Trillion dollars there? The spending binge will force government to increase taxes on all levels. As an example the State of California will be raising its sales tax April 1st 2009 in an attempt to deal with its budget woes.


If government continues to spend at the current rate our country will ultimately default on its debt, causing a rift in our markets and economy which may last for generations to come. The American Dream will be all but lost. The ramifications of the USA defaulting on its debt will leave an indelible mark on our currency and markets. If there is no confidence in our economic system our trading partners will punish us by not purchasing our debt, causing rampant inflation and a debasement of the dollar.


Many in Government feel that socializing many aspects of our economy will solve the current economic issues; however, history tells us that a socialized system is doomed to failure, although on the surface it appears to be a sound solution and a quick way to resolve our economic woes, the long term aspects will ultimately lead to failure. Although, the current government methods will slow the economy from completely collapsing all we are doing is prolonging the problem. It is analogous to treating a gangrenous wound with a band aid. The gangrene will continue to spread and if the appendage is not cut off the rest of the body will be taken over and death will be imminent.


Who wouldn’t like their mortgage modified or reduced because they cannot afford it any longer? Who wouldn’t like to be employed by a company that would guarantee employment for life and offer you a full pension at retirement? All these utopian ideals are experiments that have been tried throughout history and in each and every case they have failed. An example is former Eastern block Europe, or social and political unrest in Central America. So why would the current trend toward socialism be any different. We are facing some very difficult times economically and what is proposed by our government is not the answer. It is time to cut off the failed policy and begin the healing.

Taking Action not Hope


It is time fellow Americans to take action not hope and tell our elected officials that enough is enough. They are no longer representing the majority; they are only helping the special interests. It’s time to take back America from the clutches of these special interest groups and empower ourselves to right this situation now before it is too late. We are on the edge of the abyss and there will be no turning back once we allow ourselves to fall in. We are on the verge of a global economic dark age. Find a local Tea Party and say no to the lemmings in Washington and your state legislature; let them know that enough is enough. Let’s empower ourselves by taking action and not hoping that someone else will fix it! So spread the word and join a real American Revolution. It’s time for a Tea Party!


Yours truly,

Founding Tea Party Coalition member

Richard Jonec

      "Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer."
                                                                                                    Von Mises

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